Car Accident Statistics in Griffin, Georgia

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Car Accident Statistics in Griffin, Georgia

Car Accident Statistics in Griffin, Georgia

The City of Griffin, GA, sits at the crossroads of two of the state’s major north-south routes: US-19 runs from Albany through Atlanta to the Florida border, and US-41 runs from Atlanta through Macon and Tifton to the Florida border. These highways bring a lot of tourist and trucking traffic into the city.

In 2021, almost 4.5% of Griffin residents were victims of a traffic accident. Given its population of over 23,000 residents, this is a shockingly high number.

Learn about car accident statistics in Griffin, GA, and what you can do if you get injured in a car accident in the area. Contact a car accident lawyer at The King Firm by calling (404) 567-4546 to schedule a free consultation.

How The King Firm Can Help After an Accident in Griffin

How The King Firm Can Help After an Accident in Griffin

The personal injury attorneys from The King Firm in Griffin, Georgia, have decades of legal experience and have recovered tens of millions of dollars in injury compensation for accident victims across Georgia.

Some case results the firm has secured for its clients include:

  • A $5.27 million truck accident verdict
  • A $4.95 million car accident settlement
  • A $2.25 million pedestrian accident verdict

And a few of the ways in which The King Firm can assist with your claim include:

  • Handling all communications and negotiations with the other party on your behalf
  • Bringing your case to court if the circumstances call for it
  • Hiring experts and conducting an investigation to help prove your case

A car accident can jeopardize your financial and physical health, no matter where it occurs. Contact The King Firm for a free consultation with a Griffin car accident attorney to discuss your injuries and the compensation you can seek for them.

How Common Are Car Accident Statistics in Griffin, Georgia?

According to the Georgia Crash Portal, Griffin saw 1,060 traffic accidents in 2021. This number was lower than in years past, but it still represented a very high number of accidents for a city its size.

To put it into perspective, Griffin only represents about 0.2% of Georgia’s population, but it sees about 0.3% of Georgia’s traffic accidents. This might not seem like a big difference at first, but for 2021, this means that Griffin should have only suffered roughly 850 accidents — about 200 fewer accidents than it actually did.

This means that traffic accidents in Griffin are very common, and a driver has about a 25% higher chance of getting into a car accident than a driver throughout the rest of Georgia.

Overview of Car Accident Statistics in Griffin, Georgia

According to the Georgia Crash Portal, Griffin’s 1,060 traffic accidents in 2021 included:

These accidents included 976 vehicle collisions and 75 single-vehicle accidents.

The most dangerous time to drive in was shown to be during the afternoon rush hour — accidents happened most frequently between 3 and 6 p.m.

The Georgia Crash Portal car accident statistics also show that the most common type of crash in 2021 was a rear-end collision, followed by angle collisions. Head-on and sideswipe crashes only made up a small percentage of Griffin’s crashes in 2021.

Causes of Griffin Car Accidents

The most common cause of car accidents in Griffin throughout 2021 was distracted driving. This includes any task that takes your eyes, hands, or mind away from driving. According to Georgia Crash Portal car accident statistics, 416 accidents occurred in Griffin in 2021 —  over 39% of the total — where the police either confirmed or suspected distracted driving.

Another problem area for local drivers was speeding, which included traveling faster than the posted speed limit and traveling too fast for road, weather, or traffic conditions. In 2021, Griffin experienced 27 speeding-related accidents.

Intoxicated driving also played a part in the 2021 numbers. Driving while intoxicated can slow your reflexes and cause you to misjudge the speed of your vehicle or others. According to the Georgia Crash Portal, 30 such crashes occurred in Griffin in 2021.

Injuries from Griffin Car Accidents

Griffin car accident statistics indicate that 303 of the city’s car accidents caused injury or death, including:

  • 1 fatal car accident
  • 18 serious injury accidents
  • 70 minor injury accidents
  • 214 possible injury accidents

In total, 455 people suffered traffic accident injuries in Griffin in 2021.

Location of Griffin Car Accidents

The vast majority of Griffin car accidents happened at intersections. Out of 1,060 total crashes, 789 happened at an intersection, and 103 happened on roads between intersections. The remaining 168 crashes happened off-road or on private property, such as a parking lot.

Accidents tended to cluster on a few roads and intersections, including:

  • US-19 BUS/Taylor St.
  • State St.
  • W Broad St.
  • North Expressway
  • 16th St.
  • Solomon St.

The accidents on these roads happen due to traffic congestion, high speed limits, and driver errors.

Liability for Griffin Car Accidents

Georgia utilizes a fault-based insurance system. This means you must pursue accident compensation from the at-fault party and their insurer.

To prove liability, you must show that the other driver’s negligence caused the crash. Negligence refers to someone failing to exercise reasonable care, resulting in the accident victim getting injured.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Griffin Car Accident Lawyers

A car accident can cause injuries that require costly treatment and disable you from working. As the Griffin car accident statistics described on this page show, crashes are relatively common in the area. Contact The King Firm to discuss your injuries and the compensation you can seek for them in Griffin, Georgia.

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