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Car Accidents Caused By Brake Checking in Georgia

Traffic, road rage, and running late are just some of the reasons drivers may engage in dangerous driving behaviors. Among these behaviors, brake checking is one of the most common.

Brake checking regularly results in collisions, which could also cause extensive injury to victims. If you’ve been involved in a brake-checking accident, do not hesitate to consult an experienced Georgia car accident attorney for guidance and assistance in handling your claim.

Understanding Brake Checking: What Is It, and Why Is It So Dangerous?

Brake checking is one of the most dangerous and unnecessary driving behaviors for car and truck drivers. Not only does it annoy other drivers, but it can also cause accidents and serious harm.

When a driver brake checks, they slam on their brakes out of nowhere to scare or irritate the driver behind them. Drivers often brake check during rush hour or when experiencing road rage.

It’s important to understand that brake checking isn’t just infuriating — it’s also illegal. Brake checking can be considered aggressive driving, and under Georgia law, aggressive driving is illegal. 

State law defines aggressive driving as operating a vehicle with the intent to harass, annoy, intimidate, injure, or obstruct other drivers. Brake checking easily falls under this definition.

There is never a valid excuse to brake check. Therefore, if you’re involved in a collision caused by brake checking, you may have a valid claim.

Brake Checking Often Results in Collisions

Brake-checking drivers don’t often think of the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, brake checking significantly increases the chances of an accident. 

In most cases, brake checking causes rear-end collisions. Because brake-checking drivers slam on their brakes suddenly, the driver behind them may not be able to stop successfully. When rear drivers don’t have enough space or time to brake, they could end up crashing into the vehicle in front of them.

Rear-end crashes aren’t the only outcome of brake checking. The rear driver could also swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of them but may instead cause a multi-vehicle accident. They could also swerve and drive off the road.

Brake checking is a dangerous driving behavior. Collisions caused by brake checking can result in substantial injury to everyone involved. 

The Problem With Rear-End Brake Checking Accidents

Brake checking most often results in rear-end collisions. The problem with rear-end crashes caused by brake checking is proving fault.

Generally, fault is placed on the rear driver in rear-end accidents. In many of these collisions, the rear driver’s negligent actions are the cause of the crash. However, accidents caused by brake checking vary from the norm.

In a brake-checking accident, the rear driver is usually not at fault, as the brake-checking driver’s negligence is the cause of the wreck. While this concept seems simple, claiming the front driver is at fault isn’t enough. You’ll need to prove their liability.

It can be particularly challenging to prove that the front driver was brake checking and caused the accident. This is where evidence is necessary. Certain evidence, like traffic cam footage and witness statements, can help prove liability for a brake-checking accident.

A Georgia Car Accident Attorney Can Help Prove Liability and Achieve a Fair Result After a Brake Checking Crash

Claims for brake-checking accidents can be tricky. This is one of the main reasons it’s critical to seek legal assistance from a qualified car accident attorney. A lawyer can handle your claim from start to finish, doing everything necessary to pursue the justice and monetary recovery you deserve. 

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