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Griffin Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Griffin Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property in Griffin, GA, The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers is here to help. You may be entitled to recover financial compensation from a negligent property owner. An experienced Griffin slip and fall accident lawyer can help you fight to recover money for medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

Our lawyers have over 16 years of experience helping clients like you recover fair compensation after an accident. We’ve already recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for all types of injury victims in Georgia Griffin child injuries, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, and more.

It’s important to get started quickly after an accident. Call our law offices in Griffin, Georgia at (404) 567-4546 to schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal options.

How The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Slip and Fall Accident in Griffin, GA

How The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Slip and Fall Accident in Griffin, GA

You can sustain serious injuries in a slip and fall accident. Victims often rack up significant medical debt. When you’re unable to work or enjoy life’s activities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Griffin can help you seek fair compensation to make your recovery a little easier. Our legal team at The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers includes some of the most experienced trial lawyers in Georgia. We’ve been recognized for our high-quality legal representation by Super Lawyers year after year.

We can help you get the results you deserve by:

  • Determining what caused your slip and fall accident
  • Gathering evidence to establish liability
  • Fighting back when the insurance company blames you for the fall
  • Determining the fair value of your case
  • Bringing in experts to strengthen your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company to secure a fair settlement offer

When you hire our Griffin personal injury attorneys, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. After all, we’ve already helped countless clients like you recover the money they deserve. We’re always ready to take your call, so contact our personal injury law firm for more information today.

How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents in Griffin?

It’s no secret that slips, trips, and falls are extremely common. However, slip and fall accidents can be much more serious than you might think. About 15,000 older Americans sustain fatal slip and fall injuries each year.

While older Americans are most vulnerable to severe slip and fall injuries, slip and fall accidents can be dangerous for anyone–regardless of age. About one million people visit the hospital with slip and fall injuries each year. In Georgia alone, 29 workers lost their lives in fatal slip and fall accidents during 2021.

What Is My Griffin Slip and Fall Accident Case Worth?

It’s natural to wonder how much your case is worth if you’ve been injured. There’s no simple answer to this question. The specific facts of your case will dictate the value of your personal injury case.

Some of the various factors that are important in determining how much your personal injury claim is worth include:

  • The extent and severity of your injuries
  • The cost of your medical care and anticipated future medical treatment
  • Whether you’ll miss work and the value of your lost wages
  • How the injury impacts your quality of life
  • Your pain and suffering
  • The strength of your negligence claim
  • Whether you contributed to the cause of the accident

Once we understand the facts, we’ll be able to more accurately assess your case value. Our lawyers can provide more information about your case value in a free legal consultation. 

What Types of Damages Are Available To Slip and Fall Accident Victims?

Georgia premises liability laws give injured parties the right to seek compensation for all of the losses they’ve suffered. That includes both their financial losses and their non-financial losses.

The financial expenses you incur because of an accident are called economic damages. 

Common examples of economic damages include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Property damage

Your non-financial losses compensate for things like:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Physical impairments, disfigurement, and scarring
  • Mental health disorders, including anxiety or depression
  • PTSD
  • Inconvenience 
  • Loss of consortium

Our lawyers can also help you file a workers’ compensation claim if you were injured on the job.

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Being Blamed for a Slip and Fall Accident in Georgia?

Insurance companies often blame slip and fall victims for causing their own injuries. They might claim that you weren’t paying attention or that you were just clumsy. Before you back down, it’s important to remember that these allegations aren’t always justified. 

However, allegations of shared fault shouldn’t be taken lightly. The State of Georgia follows a modified comparative negligence law with a 50% bar to recovery.

In plain English, that means you can recover compensation as long as you were less than 50% responsible for the accident. If the insurance company can prove you were at least 50% responsible for your own injuries, you lose your right to compensation. Even if you were less than 50% liable, however, your damages will be reduced in proportion to your share of fault.

We’ll Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Slip and fall injuries can be just as serious as those sustained in car accidents.

Our slip and fall lawyers in Griffin often represent clients who have suffered:

If you lost a family member in a fatal fall, we can also help you pursue compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one.

What Causes Most Slip and Fall Accidents in Griffin, Georgia?

Slip and falls can happen anywhere, at any time. If you were on someone else’s property, you may deserve compensation.

At The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers, our lawyers often help clients who fell while visiting:

  • Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Sporting events
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment complexes
  • Colleges and universities

Falls can happen for any number of reasons. They often happen because the property owner failed to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition.

Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • A buildup of rain, ice, or snow
  • Slick or slippery floors
  • Puddles and spills
  • Missing guardrails 
  • Damaged pavement and potholes
  • Unsecured rugs or carpets
  • Loose electrical wires or cables
  • Debris or obstacles in walkways
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Damaged stairs
  • Inadequate or missing stair treads
  • Uneven flooring

Whether your fall happened indoors or outdoors, you may have a valid premises liability case. Call our Griffin slip and fall accident attorneys at The King Firm Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers to learn more about whether you have a claim for compensation.

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Slip and Fall Accident in Georgia? 

To succeed in most negligence cases, the victim must establish:

  • A legal duty of care
  • Breach of duty
  • The breach caused the accident
  • They sustained damages

Slip and fall accident cases are a type of premises liability claim. Under Georgia premises liability laws, property owners have a legal duty to maintain their property to prevent injuries to invited visitors, customers and guests. The scope of that duty depends on why the person was visiting the property.

When you’re visiting a business, you’re classified as an invitee for legal purposes. Business owners have a duty to:

  • Warn you about any non-obvious dangers
  • Fix any unsafe property conditions in a reasonable amount of time
  • Provide adequate warning about hazardous conditions that can’t be immediately repaired
  • Conduct routine property inspections to identify hidden dangers

If the business fails to satisfy these requirements, they can be liable if you’re hurt.

Private property owners also have a duty of care. They’re required to warn social guests, or licensees, about dangerous conditions that aren’t obvious. They just aren’t required to inspect their premises to identify hidden dangers.

If you visit someone’s property without permission, you’re classified as a trespasser. Property owners have an extremely limited duty of care when it comes to trespassers. If you slip and fall because of something dangerous on the premises, you usually won’t be entitled to seek compensation.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Slip and Fall Accident in Georgia?

It’s important to consult a lawyer soon after your fall. You must notify the property owner’s insurance company about the injury within a reasonable amount of time. 

If the insurance company fails to offer an acceptable settlement award, you’ll have two years from the date of the slip and fall to file a personal injury lawsuit. Once the statute of limitations expires, you lose your right to sue for damages.

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