Macon Car Accident Statistics

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Macon Car Accident Statistics

Macon Car Accident Statistics

According to Allstate Insurance, Macon has relatively safe drivers. In an analysis of 200 U.S. cities, Macon was the 63rd safest driving city in the nation. Although the city’s drivers file insurance claims more often than average, they have fewer hard-braking events per 1,000 miles than the typical driver in America.

However, “safe” does not mean perfect. The city still had over 6,700 traffic crashes in 2022, the most recent year with full Macon car accident statistics from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). 

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How The King Firm Can Help You After a Car Accident in Macon, GA

How The King Firm Can Help You After a Car Accident in Macon, GA

The King Firm was founded in 2020 to represent injured clients in Macon, Georgia, as they pursue fair compensation. Our Macon car accident lawyers have considerable legal experience fighting at-fault parties and the companies that insure them.

If someone else’s negligent or otherwise wrongful actions injure you, our attorneys provide the following services:

  • Analyzing your case to determine your legal options and customize a strategy
  • Investigating to gather records and evidence to support your claim
  • Filing your insurance claim and negotiating a fair settlement
  • Litigating against insurers and at-fault parties that refuse to settle on fair terms

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How Safe Are Macon’s Roads?

You can look at a few statistics to tell you about a city’s road safety. First, Macon had a total of 6,715 traffic crashes in 2022, according to GDOT. This number might seem high, but Macon’s population sits around 157,000. This means that only a small percentage of Macon’s residents were involved in a car accident that year.

You can also compare Macon to the rest of Georgia. Macon has about 1.4% of Georgia’s population. According to GDOT, Macon saw approximately 1.7% of the state’s traffic crashes and 2.6% of its traffic fatalities.

By these measures, road users in Macon are slightly more likely to crash than drivers in the state as a whole. But they are over twice as likely to die in a crash as those elsewhere in the state. Thus, roads in Macon have a mixed record for road safety.

Traffic Crash Statistics For Macon, GA

Macon is structured as a city-county. As a result, its traffic crash numbers might seem large for a city. However, the statistics reported by GDOT for Macon include the numbers for all of Macon-Bibb County. 

Macon’s 6,715 traffic accidents in 2022 included the following:

Among the traffic crashes reported by GDOT in 2022, there were 514 truck accidents involving a commercial motor vehicle. Additionally, Macon experienced 70 motorcycle accidents that year.

The remaining crashes involved passenger vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. The most common vehicle type involved in crashes that year was a passenger sedan. In addition, vans were the least likely vehicle type to be involved in a collision.

Crash Outcomes

Most crashes in Macon in 2022 only caused property damage. The remaining crashes led to 47 fatalities and 2,051 non-fatal injury crashes. Many of these crashes injured or killed multiple victims. 

Specifically, people involved in these crashes suffered the following injuries:

  • 52 fatal injuries
  • 219 serious injuries that incapacitated the victim or required ambulance transport
  • 623 visible injuries to people who did not need an ambulance
  • 2,628 complaints of pain or other symptoms to people without visible wounds

In total, traffic crashes in Macon in 2022 killed 52 people and injured 3,470 people. Over 12,970 road users involved in crashes suffered no injuries. Thus, roughly 21% of those involved in traffic accidents suffered death or injury.

Causes of Crashes in Macon

Most crashes result from human rather than environmental or vehicle factors. 

According to GDOT, crashes in Macon in 2022 had the following causes:

  • 36% resulted from following too closely, also called tailgating
  • 23% happened when a driver failed to yield the right of way
  • 12% involved unsafe lane changes

Other causes of traffic crashes in Macon included traveling too fast for the current road conditions, turning improperly, and disregarding stop signs and signals.

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