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Delayed Concussion Symptoms

Concussions are common occurrences and very treatable when addressed with the proper medical care. However, there are times when a person might suffer a concussion without realizing it. When this happens, the victim may forego medical treatment, which could lead to serious medical consequences or, in the most severe cases, death.

What Exactly Is a Delayed Concussion?

Many people may not know that a concussion is actually a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Concussions result from a blow, strike, or other force that causes the brain to move around and knock against the skull or become stretched or twisted. Although not usually life-threatening, concussions are serious and may be life-impacting.

A delayed concussion is simply a concussion that does not manifest right away or soon after the trauma. In some cases, there may be no symptoms or very light symptoms of the injury for weeks or months after the event. In these instances, without treatment, the chance of experiencing complications increases. 

The best time to mitigate damage from head wounds is soon after they occur.

What Are Some Concussion Symptoms?

Knowing the symptoms of a concussion can help you get quicker, more effective medical treatment. Because some people associate concussions with unconsciousness or some other major condition change, subtler symptoms may go unaddressed. 

But it’s essential to be aware that these subtle symptoms exist and are important clues to pay attention to. 

Common signs and symptoms of a concussion include:

  • Headache or pressure in the head
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Grogginess or sluggishness
  • Vision problems, such as blurry or double vision
  • Temporary or long-term unconsciousness
  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • Confusion 
  • Loss of short- and long-term memory

Some of these signs may also go undetected if they’re low in intensity. Additionally, many of them, if delayed, may not be immediately associated with head trauma. Unfortunately, failing to address a concussion can lead to serious health complications and irreparable damage to the brain.

What Causes Concussions? 

Knowing the causes of concussions can help you be aware of the situations that cause them and exercise extra care. You can also use that knowledge to connect delayed or vague symptoms with a traumatic event. 

Major causes of concussions include:

  • Car accidents — including pedestrian and bicycle accidents involving vehicles
  • Falls — from ladders, in construction zones, or due to a slip and fall
  • Sports — especially contact sports like football and boxing

If you suspect a concussion has occurred, you should seek medical care as soon as possible. In some cases, concussions are mild and don’t require medical treatment outside of managing the symptoms. However, a missed concussion diagnosis can be fatal in some instances. 

Compensation After an Accident That Causes a Concussion

You may be entitled to compensation for a head injury, including a concussion, after an accident. However, if the concussion is delayed, your compensation may be in jeopardy if the diagnosis is also delayed. If you settle before your concussion symptoms set in, you may be barred from claiming additional damages for the concussion. 

Similarly, if too much time has passed since the accident before you seek compensation, the insurance company or defendant may argue that something else caused your injury.

What Should You Do After Receiving a Blow to the Head?

When it comes to head injuries, never wait to get them checked out if you even slightly suspect you may have a concussion or other serious head condition. 

If someone else caused your injury, don’t hesitate to speak with a personal injury attorney. You may be awarded a significant payout to help cover the losses you incur. A personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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