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Motorcycle Riding Safety: What You Need To Know

No mode of ground transportation can be as exhilarating as motorcycling. Unfortunately, motorcycling in Georgia is not a risk-free activity. In 2020, 179 motorcyclists lost their lives in wrecks, according to the Georgia Department of Drivers Services (DDS).

From 2017 to 2019, the number of motorcyclists killed in traffic crashes increased by 22 percent. It is more important than ever that motorcyclists in the Peach State take motorcycle safety seriously.

You can mitigate your risk of suffering serious injuries from a motorcycle accident by following some common-sense safety tips. 

4 Tips for Safe Motorcycling

Practicing safe driving can help you decrease your chance of being involved in a serious wreck. Even where a crash cannot be avoided, these four tips can help reduce the likelihood of severe injuries:

1. Wear a Helmet and Protective Clothing

Always wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a rider without a helmet is 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury than one who is wearing appropriate head protection. Wearing a helmet, therefore, is one of the best ways to protect yourself while riding.

You should also make sure you wear durable clothing that covers your arms, legs, and feet. Doing so can protect you from road rash and abrasions if you are thrown from your bike in a wreck. Road rash can be painful and, in some cases, can lead to serious infections that require medical treatment.

2. Obey the Rules of the Road

The maneuverability of a motorcycle may tempt you into zipping through traffic without obeying traffic lights, signs, speed limits, and right-of-way laws. These rules exist, however, to ensure that all motorists, including motorcyclists, can travel safely on the state’s roads and highways.

Ensuring you follow all traffic laws can keep you safe and reduce your risk of an accident.

3. Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

There are many places in Georgia where you can take a motorcycle safety course. These courses are held at various times throughout the year and usually take place on weekends. When you take these courses, you learn safe riding practices that are meant to acquaint you with the unique challenges of riding a motorcycle. 

4. Stay Visible

Motorcyclists can be difficult for other motorists to see, especially in heavy traffic, at night, or at any time when visibility is poor. 

Wear bright clothing or clothing that has reflective strips on it that can be easily seen by others. Make sure to give yourself plenty of space between other traffic on the road, and avoid riding in another vehicle’s blind spots. 

It is also important to avoid making sudden maneuvers or lane changes without signaling, as these actions can catch other motorists by surprise and not leave them adequate time or space to avoid a crash.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Crash

By following these safety tips, you can lower your risk of getting into a motorcycle accident and suffering serious injuries in the event of one.

If you do find yourself involved in a wreck, your first concern should be your health and safety. If you have been hurt in any way and are not certain of how serious your injuries are, call 911 and request emergency assistance. Follow all of the directions given to you by your doctor to increase your chance of making a full recovery.

You may also wish to explore your legal rights to compensation if another person’s negligence is responsible for causing your crash. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney in Georgia can help you evaluate your legal options.

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