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DUI Checkpoints in Tifton, GA

Over 12,000 people were convicted of driving under the influence in Georgia in 2020, a marked decrease from 2019’s total of over 19,000. Still, this means over 1,000 people per month were convicted of a DUI offense. One of the tools in law enforcement officers’ arsenal to detect impaired drivers is the DUI checkpoint.

If you have ever seen one of these roadblocks and wondered, “Why are there DUI checkpoints near me in Tifton,” you are not alone. Although some may consider them a nuisance or question their effectiveness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes several studies suggesting that they can reduce the incidence rates of car accidents and fatalities.

What To Expect When a DUI Checkpoint Is Planned

Unless you are not paying attention to your surroundings, it is unlikely that you will stumble aimlessly into a DUI checkpoint. When you need to know, “Where are the DUI checkpoints near me,” all you generally need to do is look for a notice from local law enforcement.

Suppose the Tifton Police or another law enforcement agency wants to set up a DUI checkpoint. They must give advance notice of when and where the DUI checkpoint will occur so drivers can plan accordingly. Additionally, there must be signs placed well in advance of an active checkpoint so drivers are not caught unaware.

How Do DUI Checkpoints Work?

The officers running the DUI checkpoint decide how they want to stop traffic and check for intoxicated drivers. They can stop every vehicle. Alternatively, they may only stop vehicles at predetermined intervals, such as every third car. However, law enforcement cannot randomly stop cars at a checkpoint without suspecting a particular car of criminal activity.

If you are stopped, officers will ask you for your license, proof of insurance, and registration. They will also ask you about where you are coming from and where you are going. As officers are doing this, they are also looking for signs that you are impaired, such as having bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, or trouble producing your license and other documents.

Should officers believe they have enough evidence that you might be impaired, you will be asked to step out of your vehicle for further testing. You may be asked to perform field sobriety tests and submit to a breath test. From there, officers will place you under arrest if they conclude there is probable cause to believe you were driving impaired.

Your Rights At Tifton DUI Checkpoints

You have constitutional rights at DUI checkpoints, even though checkpoints generally have been found to comply with the Fourth Amendment. 

Your rights include:

  • The right not to be unreasonably delayed at a checkpoint
  • The right not to be subject to discrimination, such as being stopped simply because of your race or color of your car
  • The right to be informed of a DUI checkpoint before you reach the checkpoint
  • The right to legally use side streets to avoid a check lane, so long as you comply with traffic and other laws
  • The right not to answer questions about where you are going or if you have consumed alcohol or drugs

These and other rights might not prevent you from being arrested at a checkpoint. However, they could result in the reduction or dismissal of any criminal charges that might be filed as a result.

Stay Alert For DUI Checkpoints in Tifton and Drive Safely to Avoid Car Accidents

A DUI checkpoint can appear as an intimidating show of government power. For those who are informed of their rights, they need not be something to fear. Stay alert for announcements from the Tifton Police and other law enforcement agencies about upcoming DUI check lanes, and plan your route accordingly.

If you are stopped and arrested, a skilled Tifton lawyer can examine the whole situation and determine whether your rights were violated and how to proceed.

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