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What Does A Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Do? 

The first and most important thing to know is that a car accident lawyer in Georgia can do things that most people who are not lawyers would not know to do after a car accident. Car accident lawyers have handled many cases with unique situations that help them immediately evaluate your case and what will be needed to win it in court or secure a settlement for you before trial.

You might be able to handle some aspects of your claim on your own. However, it will likely take you longer to navigate a court system that is unfamiliar to you. Handling your case on your own could also result in a settlement or award of damages that is less than a car accident lawyer could get for you.

Evaluates Your Damages 

A car accident lawyer’s primary job is to get money for you that will compensate you for whatever losses you have experienced as a result of your car accident. The goal of the settlement or award of damages in court is to put you back in the position you would have been in had you never been involved in the accident. The amount of those dollars should represent your actual financial losses, such as repairing or replacing your vehicle, paying your medical bills, and replacing lost wages if you were out of work. Your potential compensation should also take into account any future financial obligations you may incur, such as continuing treatment for your injuries.

Works With Experts 

Your lawyer should be experienced in calculating economic and non-economic damages and may also have a team of experts who assist in proving these damages. For example, an accident reconstructionist may be needed to reenact the accident to show that you were not at fault and the force of the impact when your vehicle was hit. In the litigation arena, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Your car accident lawyer may also hire a medical expert witness who can describe the extent of your injuries at the time of the accident, as well as how long you may be affected by your injuries. Suppose your ongoing recovery or any permanent injuries may affect your ability to do your job. In that case, another expert may be able to explain why and how much it may cost you in wages as you continue to recover. A mental health expert may also be called to describe any lingering effects from the accident, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Handles Communications and Negotiations With Insurance Companies

Just as a lawyer’s job is to get you the maximum compensation for your case, the insurance company and its adjusters have the goal of minimizing the amount they have to pay you. This remains true whether it is your own insurer or the other driver’s. 

At its most basic level, insurance companies maintain a reserve fund to pay claims, and the more they can keep in that fund, the higher their rating in the industry. Industry ratings affect many factors, such as the company’s reputation in the industry, how attractive they are to prospective customers, and how industry regulators view them. Obviously, the less the insurance company pays you, the more they keep in their reserves.

If your Georgia car accident lawyer can convince the insurance company to settle without going to court, it will benefit you in several ways, including the following: 

  • Going to trial can take months or even years, depending on the complexity of your case. 
  • Going to trial is more expensive, which means that more money will come out of any award you ultimately receive from the court.
  • Unlike a settlement, a verdict in court can be appealed, which can add several more months or years and more expenses before your case is final and any award is distributed.
  • You may have to take time off of work to go to court for several days or even weeks, which can be especially difficult if you’ve already had to miss work because of your injuries.

However, if your case does need to go to trial, an experienced car accident lawyer will be prepared to offer excellent courtroom representation. 

How Do You Find an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Georgia?

If you watch TV, you likely see several ads each day for personal injury lawyers in Georgia who handle car accident cases. Many of those offer free consultations to evaluate your case. At the same time as your scheduled consultation, you can evaluate the firm to see if their lawyers are a good fit for you and if you believe their experience is what you need.

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