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How Much Does a Lawyer Cost in Georgia?

A client considering bringing a personal injury claim (or defending against one) may wonder how much legal representation costs in Georgia. It may feel confusing and daunting to navigate attorney’s fees. 

Regardless of the state, the amount that a client pays in attorney’s fees depends on several factors. Understanding what options are available and how these different options work can help a client make informed decisions about seeking legal representation. 

There are multiple types of fee structures available to personal injury claimants and defendants in Georgia. An attorney may choose one or more of these fee structures or a combination of these.

Hourly Rates

Attorneys may charge an hourly fee, determined and disclosed in advance. Attorneys may have a standard hourly rate for their time. This rate can be determined by the legal market, including the location of the firm and the demand for the lawyer’s services based on their skill set. The rate may also be varied based on the difficulty of each unique case.

Knowing the hourly rate upfront may provide some comfort to the client. However, the total amount of the fee remains unknown until after the case. It is challenging to predict the total fee in an hourly rate structure because the number of hours it will take to represent the client is unknown.

Contingency Fees

Lawyers representing clients in personal injury cases often provide services on a contingency fee basis. In this kind of arrangement, clients do not have to pay any legal fees at the beginning of the case. Instead, the attorney’s fee is contingent, or dependent, on the outcome of your case. If the client wins, their attorney will receive a fixed percentage of the settlement or judgment obtained.

Contingency fees typically range from one-third to 40 percent of the final settlement or judgment. Regardless of the outcome of the case, clients are on the hook for additional costs incurred, such as copying costs, expert witness fees, and travel expenses.

Flat Fees

Another option for attorney’s fees is a flat fee. A flat fee is a fixed amount, with specific amounts often set for certain legal services, such as will drafting and preparing documents for real estate transactions. Knowing the amount of the fees provides a sense of certainty to the client.


In some cases, attorneys may require clients to pay a retainer fee before they start working on their case. A retainer is a deposit that secures the lawyer’s services. The lawyer bills the retainer for their hourly fees until the retainer is depleted, at which point it must be replenished.

The amount of the retainer is generally a set number of hours’ worth of attorney fees. The retainer can vary across firms, as the attorney may have a different hourly rate or number of hours for the retainer. 

Factors impacting the amount of the contingency fee include:

  1. The difficulty of the case (how much time and effort will be required)
  2. The amount of the potential economic and non-economic damages for the claim
  3. The duration of the relationship with the client; 
  4. The skills of the lawyer
  5. Demand for that lawyer’s services
  6. Fees that lawyers in the area charge for similar services

Before hiring an attorney, a client must work out the fee agreement. The fee agreement must be in writing and state whether the fee is fixed, contingent, or based on some other structure. The agreement must be documented in writing and signed by the client. 

Attorneys must be transparent with clients about the result of the case and the fees and costs incurred in the process of settlement or litigation.

There are several different fee options for clients considering hiring an attorney for a personal injury claim. Different options will suit clients in different circumstances. It is best to speak with an attorney in order to understand what fee options they offer and to understand what goes into those fees.

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